IBX Boost is a nail coating system that aims to strengthen, protect and smooth nails, acting as a buffer layer. The system creates a strong and flexible coating for natural nails and can be used underneath other services such as Gel Polish and Acrylic.

Advantages for you:

  • The formula is self-levelling
  • No buffing is required prior to the application
  • Cures in just one minute in LED or UV lights
  • Works alongside the IBX System
  • Only require two layers making application quick and easy
  • May be rebalanced to save time

Advantages for your client:

  • It can extend Gel Polish wear up to three weeks or more
  • Fills in imperfections
  • Helps to aid natural nail growth when used with the IBX System
  • Acts as a protective coating between the natural nail and other services
  • Removal is fast and easy
  • Fewer allergies
  • Heat spike resistant



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