Expert Tips for Effortless Gel Nail Polish Removal


Gel nail removal is a straightforward process that consistently delivers results, regardless of the brand used. Our professional approach using Artistic Nail Design ensures efficiency and care during the removal process. Follow these steps to achieve optimal results:


1. Break The Seal With Precision: Begin by buffing the top coat using the Artistic 150 nail file. This crucial step is essential to break through the acetone-resistant top coat and expedite the removal process. By filing down to the color layer, you not only enhance efficiency but also facilitate quicker removal.


2. Artistic Remover for Superior Results: Use a cotton pad placed on the natural nail and soak it with Artistic Remover. It's imperative to choose the matching remover for your system, avoiding pure acetone, which tends to be drying and evaporates rapidly. Artistic Remover, with its lower acetone content and nourishing ingredients, not only speeds up the removal but also safeguards the nail plate and surrounding skin from excessive dryness.


3. Foil or Soak Off Clips for Optimal Soaking: Wrap the finger and cotton pad with foil or soak-off clips, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. This step ensures thorough soaking and prepares the gel for easy removal.


4. Combat Cold Weather with Heated Assistance: In cold weather or if the client's hands are cold, enhance the removal process by using heated mitts. Alternatively, encourage clients to rest their hands on a hot water bottle or heated microwave pack. The added warmth aids in the efficient removal of gel nails.


5. Gentle Gel Removal Technique: After the soaking period, remove the foils or clips and gently take off the gel. The gel should either crumble off or be easily lifted using a wooden stick or cuticle remover tool. If stubborn areas persist, avoid forcing the gel off and instead, rewrap for continued soaking.


By incorporating these professional tips into your gel nail removal routine, you ensure a seamless and client-friendly experience. Optimise your beauty services with these expert steps for hassle-free gel nail removal.


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