Footlogix offers a wide range of products which all treat different foot concerns. Each product is designed to work better than your average over-the-counter foot moisturiser because of the highly effective ingredients.

One of Footlogix key ingredients is Sprialeen®. 

Spiraleen® is an exclusive ingredient used within Footlogix products. It is an anti-microbial concentrate with properties that are designed to create a strong barrier for the skin and toenails. Spiraleen® can be found in products such as the Toenail Tincture.

Spiraleen® inhibits invasive germs within the skin and nails and is a highly effective at helping to eliminate fungal infections within these areas. It is the latest in the Footlogix technology held within the ‘Anti-Microbial Solutions’ range, which includes products such as Rough Skin, Peeling Skin and unsightly nails. These products have been designed with those with Diabetes in mind.


Anti-microbial products

  • Peeling Skin Formula – Protects and cares for feet that are clammy and are susceptible to Athletes Foot.


Spiraleen® helps to achieve transformational results for a variety of foot related conditions.

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