Experience the revolution in nail design with Artistic Colour Gloss, a premium gel polish designed for the modern, vibrant individual. Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish is more than just a base and top coat with colour – it's a game changer in the nail industry, that delivers a flawless finish that lasts up to three weeks. Applied to natural nails, our gel polish cures seamlessly under a special LED lamp. The result is instantly dry, smudge-free nails that allow your clients to seamlessly continue with their day, worry-free.   Gel polish, Red Tips French Manicure

A Kaleidoscope Of Colour

Artistic Nail Design gel polish comes in a stunning array of over 100 Artistic Colour Gloss shades, ensuring a spectrum of choices to match every mood, occasion, and personality. Whether your clients prefer a classic French manicure, a bold standalone colour, or intricate nail art, our gel polish offers limitless possibilities. Embrace the freedom to showcase your personality through your nail designs. From chic minimalism to bold statements, our gel polish empowers you to make a statement with every manicure.  

Long-Lasting Beauty, Efficient Application

Gel polish isn't just about beauty – it's a commitment to lasting perfection. Professionally applied by trained nail technicians, this quick treatment guarantees not only an impeccable finish but also enduring colour that withstands the rigours of daily life. Applying cuticle oil in between gel appointments to rehydrate cuticles and skin surrounding the nails will prolong gel nails. Our fave professional cuticle oils are 95% Certified Organica Dadi'Oil and Artistic Revive Nail & Cuticle Oil.

Professional Precision

Achieving the perfect gel polish requires expertise. Our professionally trained nail technicians understand the nuances of the application process, ensuring that the gel is neither too thick nor improperly cured. This attention to detail safeguards against potential issues, such as incomplete curing or skin sensitivity, providing a worry-free and enjoyable experience for your clients.  

Artistic Colour Gloss - Gel Polish

Join the ranks of professionals who trust Artistic Nail Design for a gel polish experience that seamlessly blends artistry, durability, and unmatched colour variety. Elevate your salon offerings and leave a lasting impression on your clients with Artistic Colour Gloss – where style meets substance. Shop the range at louellabelle.co.uk   For nail inspiration, tips and tricks, head over to the Louella Belle Instagram and Facebook pages. Join our community of professional nail techs and beauty therapists in the Louella Belle Professional Facebook Group where you can ask questions and join regular live sessions about our manicure and pedicure products.