We know education is the key to success, we also know that getting the most out of your product investment is one of the keys to customer loyalty. This september we've teamed up with IBX Founder, Linda Nordstrom to bring you an exclusive webinar to cover all things IBX. 


How To Gain Access To The Webinar:

This FREE Webinar is available to customers who purchase an IBX Mini Duo Kit before the 3rd September 2018. 

To register email education@louellabelle.co.uk with:

1. Your name

2. Business name

3. Order number that the IBX Mini Duo Pack was placed on

Not purchased an IBX Mini Duo yet? Purchase yours here. 



The Webinar will be held on the 10th September at 4pm and will be approximately 1hour long. 


What The Webinar Will Cover:

Find out how this award-winning revolutionary treatment can boost your business, and complement any existing manicure & pedicure service. Linda will cover these points:

  • IBX Product overview
  • The Science Behind IBX
  • IBX Demo & application tips
  • IBX BOOST Overview
  • Q&A

What Happens After Your IBX Purchase:

Once you have contacted us to say that you would like to take part in this Webinar, your details will be saved on our system. 48hours before the webinar is due to begin you will receive a reminder and how to email on how to log in to the webinar system. On the day of the webinar, you will receive a link that will take you directly to the webinar. 

We recommend viewing this webinar on a desktop computer or a laptop. 

Please email education@louellabelle.co.uk if you need any futher information. 



The Webinar is limited to 100 attendees and will work on a first come first served basis.This webinar is an exclusive from Famous Names offered to Louella Belle customers. This webinar is a not an online certification, should you need any futher education we recommend our IBX one day course, to book or for more information on becoming IBX certified, please email education@louellabelle.co.uk