Natural nails are on the rise, so get your clients in the best condition using IBX and IBX Boost. Whether your clients need to repair years of damage or simply just want to improve the strength and condition of their nails before a manicure, IBX is the perfect system.

The IBX System penetrates the nail plate to strengthen and repair damaged nails whereas IBX Boost is a nail coating system acting as a buffer layer, aiming to protect and strengthen nails. The system creates a strong and flexible coating for natural nails and can be used before or underneath other services such as Gel Polish and Acrylic.

Get the best results by:

  • Use IBX System with every gel service to improve natural nails
    • After removal
    • Before re-application
  • Keeping nails the correct distance from the heat source - 6 inches
    • Too close and the product will evaporate
    • Too far away and the product will not penetrate the nail properly
  • Applying 2 thinner layers of Boost and curing between each layer for a smoother finish and longevity.
  • Book clients in once a week for at least 4-6 weeks to gain the best improvement.
  • Try adding Dadi’Oil to your treatment to soften and hydrate cuticles and skin around the nail.

Did you know Louella Belle also offers education?

We now offer online courses for IBX and IBX Boost hosted by Famous Names owner and founder Linda Nordstrom. The webinar is an interactive on line session that will allow you to ask Linda your questions directly and communicate with other nail techs to gain all the advice and experience you may need when using IBX & Boost. This online course is fully accredited by HABIA and you will receive a certificate as proof of your training.

Our latest Online Certification Class dates are:

  • 30th September
  • 21st October
  • 25th November

Contact our Education Team on 0208 238 6300 or to reserve your space.

Shop the IBX Range here or visit Louella Belle Education to learn about our IBX training course.