The Beauty Industry needs you, help us to petition the government to let our salons and spas open.

We know you have all put in an enormous effort over the last few weeks and months in updating your hygiene knowledge and deep cleaning your tools and premises!


Please see below the two template letters: a letter from your organisation to the Prime Minister and a local MP letter for you to distribute to your members and partners.

  1. Letter to the Prime Minister

Please feel free to amend this letter accordingly and include your organisation’s letterhead. You will see where we have signposted where to include background on your organsation.

We suggest making the final version a pdf and in your covering note explain why you are writing.

Here is a link to download the template to send to our Prime Minister:

BAW APPG - template letter to PM FINAL

Send this letter to:


  1. Local MP letter

Please distribute this template letter to your members and partners and ask them to send it to their local MPs.

They can find their local MP by typing in their postcode here:

A couple of tips to pass onto your members and partners:

  • MPs should be addressed as Mr/Ms/Dr/ e.g. Mr Bloggs
  • Include their name and address - MPs only listen to concerns from their constituents, so they need their address and postcode to confirm they are a constituent.
  • Make it personal – using their own words to explain their contribution to the local industry and their concerns will be very impactful.

Here is a link to download the template to send to your local MP:

BAW APPG - Local MP template mail-out FINAL

We look forward to celebrating the reopening of salons and spas with you soon!

Team LB