Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so here is a classic rose nail art Step By Step created by Louella Belle Educator, Natalie Gartland.


Natalie offers training in Artistic Colour Gloss, IBX and Putty and is based in Bradford.


1.  Using Bride from the Artistic Colour Gloss Collection, apply two coats, curing each one for 30 seconds. 

2.  Start by making a ‘C’ shape and work outwards making the shape bigger each time. I used a selection of pinks from the Artistic Colour Gloss range. La-Ti-Da and Falling In Luster

3.  Keep working outwards to build the shape of your flower. Use different shades of pink as you go. Remember to cure for 30 seconds using your Artistic LED Pro 36 lamp, throughout the stages. 

Step Four:  At this stage, you can finish your flower or add a smaller one depending on how much space you have to work with. 

Step 5: Optional, repeat steps two and three for the smaller roses.


Step 6: Add leaves using Envied and Killer Stems. Cure for 30 seconds 

Step 7: Add definition by outlining using Swag and Bride and cure. 

Finish with Artistic Glossing Gel and cure for 30 seconds. Use Nail Surface Cleanser to remove the sticky residue. 

And here is the end result: 

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