A business plan sets out a comprehensive outline for your business, describing what you want to achieve and the depth of service that you will provide. Even if your beauty business has been running for quite some time, it’s always good to revisit your business plan with our key points below to see how your business has grown or how it needs to be updated to suit the needs of your clients. 

Louella Belle Top Tips The Salon Business Plan

Your Mission

This helps you to determine your direction. Using this statement on a daily basis will help to remind you and your team what makes you successful and stand out from your competitors, keeping everyone clear on the direction you are taking the business.

Your Products And Services

As well as providing details on the products and services you will be providing, it’s also important to look at how your salon will differ from your competitor’s services. In the beauty business you are bound to offer some of the same services as them, but think about how you can make yours stand out to new and existing clients.

Your Financial Summary

Make sure you are realistic with your budgets, listing all expected start-up expenses and list and potential sources of funding. Ultimately creating a business plan will help you to see the areas where you can save and spend, and what will help you generate more income.

Your Marketing Plan

Marketing your salon is key to both client and financial growth. Advertising and promotions might be an area to consider spending some of your start up budget to gain the interest of new clients, but also think about how you can retain them with things like rewards programmes and personalised treatments.

Your Professional Biography

Being honest is key. Starting up your own beauty business can only mean that you have exceptional experience in the industry, but think about the areas in your business where you will need more support to help you make strategic decisions about staffing.

Your Summary

This areas acts as a review of your business plan, so try to compare your mission to your summary to see how this changes with each step. This will help you to highlight important features of your business plan, areas you will need to work on and help you to succeed in the future.

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