Louella Belle are excited to announce Artistic Flash Glitters that are bound to add a sprinkle of magic to your clients manicures!


Get ready to captivate attention and light up any room with nails that sparkle and shine like never before. Artistic Flash Glitters are giving sparkle a revolutionary shake up with exciting light-activated technology that causes glitter to flare when exposed to flash photography.

  • Statement Maker – Nude Glitter
  • Flashy & Sassy – Gold Glitter
  • Make Sparks Fly – Silver Glitter
  • Center Of Attention – Pink Glitter
  • The Glow Up – Mauve Pink Glitter
  • Flashback To Fabulous – Raspberry Glitter
  • Dare To Dazzle – Deep Purple Glitter
  • Popping With Sparkle – Dusty Blue Glitter
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