Spring is the one season that completely changes our customer’s attitudes towards their beauty regime. With summer holidays coming up, and big occasions such as wedding season, it’s important you are prepared for the season ahead. Take a look at our Top Tips below to find out how you can prepare for the new season in your salon. 

Louella Belle Preparing For A New Season

Research The Latest Beauty Trends

Nothing makes you stand out from your competitors more than with the latest innovation and technology within your salon. The first look into new beauty trends for our customers usually comes through magazines or online blogs, so make sure you regularly keep up to date with these to understand what your customers may ask of you in the coming months.

Stock Up On New Shades

Here at Louella Belle, our new spring launches are some of our most highly anticipated because of their fresh, vibrant take on the season. The new Artistic Urban Distressed Collection comes with a 12 piece display including both Artistic Colour Gloss and Artistic Colour Revolution, which is perfect for catering to all types of clients – especially with a matching mani-pedi. Think about placing collection displays like this within window displays or at reception so your customers are instantly informed about your spring treatment menu.

Know Your Customers

A great way to prepare for a new season is looking at how well your treatments performed the year before. Yes, there will always be new trends that you will need to keep your salon up to date with, but there will also be your loyal customers that come back for their favourite pedicure or treatments that set them up for summer. Looking at your figures from last year will help you understand what is most popular and when in your salon, so you can prepare ahead with stock as well as preparing marketing materials to bring your customers back in.

Create Aspirational Social Media Posts

When spring starts to creep in, we all start lusting after colour, days in the sun and that perfect summer get away. Make sure you are at the forefront of this lifestyle change for both new and existing clients by beginning to promote your spring treatment menu across your social media channels. Think about ways to entice them into your salon with things like promotions, a nail art gallery and a preview of any new products you are bringing in. This is also a great way to see how many of your customers are reacting to your social media content as well as understanding how new customers are finding you online.

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