We understand that nothing is more important than the tools of our craft and nothing is more challenging than product inconsistencies. Our first priority is the safety and quality of our products. These principles are the backbone of our company. Artistic Soak Off Gel Polish was created in 2009 by Danny Haile and this technology, has been referred to by the industry as the ‘Original Gel Polish in a Bottle'. Our product testing and retesting phases are rigorous, meticulous and uphold all standards set by the EU Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance agencies. HEMA is not a dangerous ingredient and the Artistic formula has always contained low levels, usually between 5-15% across our gel polish products. This is far below the parameters required for a product to be fully compliant and therefore, we can proudly report that our products have always passed all regulatory requirements. We have always maintained that:
  • Artistic is used in accordance with the training and education provided by Louella Belle and our distributors around the globe.
  • Artistic has been rigorously tested with all their associated gel products and LED Lamps, please ensure the Artistic system is not mixed with other branded products or lamps.
  • Artistic do not jump on short term trends where compliance may be compromised to bring a product to market to meet demands at the expense of rigorous safety checks.
The Artistic Education team go through extensive training to uphold our guiding principles. All of the Educators not only understand the application, but are tested in the chemistry behind the products to ensure our products are being used correctly as per the science. We applaud the BBC report in highlighting the dangers of cheaply manufactured gel polish and the dangers of improper application. We thank Suzanne Clayton who is part of the Artistic Education team and Marian Newman for advocating standards and bringing this to the forefront as a national issue which needs to be highlighted. Artistic is a Professional only nail brand that is safe for you and your clients, and always has been for 14 years.