Manage your wellness and beauty business from the palm of your hand!

We recently introduced you to Storefront, the app. Now we would like to share our 5 top tips to help you reap the benefits of Storefront.

1. Add To Calendar

Do you struggle to find all relevant client information? When adding an appointment to your Storefront calendar, you can enter important information such as date and time, location and earnings. What’s more, you can now save time by selecting your client from a saved list with our Client Profile feature.

2. Track Your Earnings

Set yourself up for success with weekly monetary goals. This is a great way to stay aligned and focused. The Earnings Tracker has a progress bar to help show how much of your target is left to complete.

3. Customisation

Storefront now has the option to view your appointment calendar in either a daily or weekly view. Personal touches like this may seem small but help the app as a whole feel more accessible and user-friendly.

4. Secure A Deposit

Don’t lose out on last-minute cancellations. During the booking process, you can request a deposit or full payment from your client. So many companies do this, Deliveroo, Tescos etc. When clients hand over their hard-earned money, it will become a commitment. Clients don’t want to waste their money just the same as you don’t want to lose out on yours.

5. Colour Coding

Stay on top of appointments by colour coding your treatments. This helps to differentiate between services you offer such as facials, pedicures, soak offs etc so you have more time to prepare your equipment and tools. Does Storefront sound like the ideal tool to help you manage your business? If so, schedule a free demo today. Follow @lesalonist on Instagram