PersoNAILity was started by celebrity beauty therapist, Jenni Draper and her salon team. During the COVID-19 pandemic when salons were closed, with plenty of time on their hands, they decided to re-brand the salon and retail lines. Out of those, a range of beauty tools called PersoNAILity was born.

Initially there were 5 tools in the brown range, PersonEYElity, including 3 tweezers, brow scissors and 'scutters' (scissors/cutters for brow hair). These were made available for clients to purchase to maintain their brows whilst salons were closed.


Then the manicure range was developed, PersoNAILity. This includes Reliable nippers, Kind cuticle pusher, Loving cuticle removing tool and a Gentle curette. These were developed taking inspiration from the salon teams favourite tools, many of which have been favourites for 15+ years. The favourites of each making the cut!


The tools are named after 'good' personality traits, to reflect the beauty industry and the magical people in it!


All the tools are made from stainless steel and coated in Titanium Carbide, for optimum hygiene and longevity. They are available exclusively to Louella Belle in Matte Black.


Price for the set is £99


About Jenni Draper


Jenni is a London based therapist and has been in the industry for 20 years. She is an award winning, well respected therapist as well as being an industry judge for industry awards. She works on photo shoots and on red carpet events with photographers, designers and celebrities alike. Her attention to detail is her calling card on shoots. She still divides her time between the salon, shoots, PR and mentoring in the industry.