The Breakout Beauty collection was created to embody the fearless energy of the Artistic colour maven. This six-colour collection features a range of shades from subtle to smokey that are perfect for the changing weather of the Fall season!

It’s time to make your statement known with the daring hues Be Bold, a teal crème, and Boundary Breaker, a charcoal metallic shimmer. For those who love to catch eyes and turn heads, be sure to try out the adventurous burgundy pearl, Outside The Lines, or the striking dusty purple crème, Artistic Moves. Rounding out this Fall collection, the shades Go Your Own Way, a pale pink crème, and Gone Rogue, a mauve crème, are perfect for anyone who prefers their nail colour be a softer, subtle accent to their unmistakable style.

The collection includes six NEW Breakout Autumn shades:

Artistic Moves
Dusty Purple Crème

Be Bold
Teal Crème


Boundary Breaker
Charcoal Metallic Shimmer

Gone Rogue
Mauve Crème

Go Your Own Way
Pale Pink Crème

Outside The Lines
Deep Burgundy Pearl

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