In celebration of National Vegetarian Week we're here to share our Vegan brands and products with you!

We know Vegan products are important to you and your customers. Here are the details on our Vegan approved products.


Artistic Colour Gloss

The Artistic Colour Gloss Prep, Bonding Gel, Colour and Glossing Gel are are vegan friendly!


Artistic Colour Revolution

Whether your client is going for a gel manicure or is opting for a hybrid like Artistic Colour Revolution, the Colour Revolution Bonding Base Coat, Glossing Top Coat and Colour are all vegan.

PETA® Certified Cruelty- Free Brand - Artistic Nail Design is thrilled to announce that we have received the PETA® certification of Cruelty-Free, meaning that none of our products are tested on animals! We have been a cruelty-free brand from the beginning and have never tested on animals. This cruelty-free certification comes as the latest initiative in our #ColourItFoward campaign to make Artistic products accessible to every person who loves colour! At Artistic, we believe that colour can be used as a form of self-expression, that beauty is personal and that great nails should not come at the cost of animal rights. As the market continues to be flooded with low quality products with unclear values, we are proud to identify with PETA®, the largest animal rights organization in the world. PETA® is devoted to protecting the rights of all animals and we are proud to have received our certification from such an amazing organization.

*Artistic Nail Design PETA® certification registered under Nail Alliance North America, Inc.


Salt Of The Earth

Salt of the Earth creates spa treatments and products for every occasion. The entire product range which includes scrubs, crèmes, and masks infused with natural ingredients and signature 72 organic trace mineral complexes from the Great Salt Lake each of which are vegan friendly.


Morgan Taylor

The Morgan Taylor colour range is all vegan friendly, including the React Base and Top Coat! Perfect for pedicures, or traditional manicures.


Seche Vite

Did you know the award-winning Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is Vegan!


Famous Names - Dadi Oil, Dadi’Lotion and Dadi’Scrub

This product trio created by Famous Names are all vegan. Each blended with natural oils, with the scrub being blended with both sugar and salt for an ecofriendly exfoliant this one must have trio to add to your salon products. Dadi’Scrub also containes no Sulfates, Parabens or artificial colours!