Yoga benefits both the body and mind, calming the nervous system and reducing stress. Focusing on our breathing and the movements of our body allows us to relax and free the mind through meditation. This all helps to lower our blood pressure and help to control our heart rate, thus benefiting both physical and mental wellbeing.

The Warrior Pose


Lift your arms up, press your palms together and look up to your hands. Hold this pose for 15 breaths.


Make a fluid transition from your warrior one position right into warrior two, maintain the lunge position bringing your arms down and stretch out with your arms in line with your shoulders stretching out your arms in opposite directions, hold for 15 breaths.


The final warrior position takes balance, bring both hands to your front to prayer, and lift one of your legs up behind you and lean forward so your ankles, lower back and shoulders are in line, hold for 10 breaths if you can.