Support your treatment offering by retailing in your salon!

Footlogix is a professional, transformational foot care range with Dermal Infusion Technology. Footlogix has a scientific formulation and enables active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and nails.

Not only does Footlogix provide everything you need for the salon, but also offers a range of complementary retail products for at-home use. Footlogix enables salons and technicians to break down barriers with their clients and discuss the treatment openly with them, no matter how bad they feel their issue is.

5 Top Tips to Retail Footlogix In Your Salon:

  1. Detailed Consultation – For any Footlogix treatment, conducting a detailed consultation is important. Providing professional guidance, along with a treatment plan will help ensure you retain your customers for future services through expert advice on maintaining healthy feet. This will also be beneficial to help retail the products in your salon, as being knowledgeable and confident in the brand / products helps to sell the products.


  1. Maintenance Programme – As part of a Footlogix treatment, it is essential that your clients maintain the care at home, as this will enable long lasting results. The after-care range includes the mousse which are easy for clients to apply at home without any additional equipment needed. It is important that when offering Footlogix that you convey the treatment as a maintenance programme, recommend the appropriate after care products to be used at home and instruct the client on how to use them.


  1. Prescription Pads – Using the Footlogix Prescription Pads enables you to give guidance and recommendations to your clients, along with instructions on how to use the home-care products, as well as details of their next Footlogix pedicure. The pads are very convenient to give to your clients, as something informative to take away with them.


  1. Knowledge & Education – Knowledge of a brand is very important. Being informative about Footlogix and knowing more than your client will upsell your business and treatments. Footlogix is fantastic to offer in your salon, however if the education behind the brand and products is not there then the results and retail aspect will not deliver. Establishing credibility and advancing your education will create a point of differentiation.


  1. Retail Displays – Footlogix offer a range of retail displays that can be used in your salon. The displays showcase the products and transformational results which will attract your clients, ensuring they continue their treatment at home.


Did you know, Our Counter Display can bring in over £400 of revenue to your salon, and is an excellent display to have at point of sale.

Footlogix is more than selling a product, Footlogix is selling an opportunity.


“For our at home products, the Rough Skin Formula and the Nail Tincture are the two products needed by most and clients can see and feel the difference within as little as 72 hours. They offer long term solutions and protect the skin of the feet, keeping them healthy, soft and beautiful.”

Katharin von Gavel – Footlogix Founder & CEO