Hello Fall!

Throughout the changing seasons, our feet go through a lot, whether you’re enjoying a sandy beach in flip flops or braving the train comfy boots. We recommend regular professional pedicures or foot care services combined with consistent use of the correct home care products for your client is vitally important for keeping the feet and toenails healthy.

The weather is changing and as we slide out of our favourite summer flip flops into our most trusted winter boots, we’re ready to welcome to slightly colder weather and cosy evenings, but are your feet? Footlogix’s full range of transformational products will help you seamlessly prevent seasonal conditions and ensure healthy, happy feet all year long.

It’s time to remind your clients that a pedicure is not just for summer! While planning your winter footcare at-home product recommendations or treatments we recommend Footlogix.

Footlogix offers a wide range of professional treatments to treat different foot concerns this fall. Louella Belle recommends:

Are sweaty feet yours or your clients main concern? 

  • Reduce perspiration with Sweaty Feet Formula, shrinking the pores and acting as an antiseptic.
  • Make Foot & Shoe Deodorant part of your daily home routine to eliminate odors caused by sweaty feet and bacteria. This will leave a refreshing scent.
  • To relief itchy and hot feeling from sweaty feet, use Peeling Skin Formula. This is an anti-fungal treatment and will help with fungal infections.


If you, or a client is suffering with dry skin:

  • Very Dry Skin Formula will increase the strength if your skin and hydrate the dry areas. Dry skin on the feet is caused from the lack of humidity.

Want to prevent party season blisters

  • Prevent infection and inflammation with DD Cream. This will support and promote healing.
  • Protect the skin by locking in moisture with DD Cream Mousse and help prevent skin irritation before the blister starts.

Want to know more about how the products can help you and your clients? Why not book on to one of our courses? Whether you’re a complete beginner, or just looking to update your product knowledge, we have the course for you. Email education@louellabelle.co.uk for all the details on our Footlogix courses.