Pedicure’s have been a part of a dedicated care routine for many of your customers, with the average woman having a pedicure every 4-6 weeks and with us walking over 100,000 miles in our lifetimes, is it any wonder we need to take care of our feet?


Footlogix offers more than pedicure products; it cares, soothes and treats common foot concerns.

Footlogix for the professional

It is important that your products work for you, and give your clients the best experience whilst they are in your care. Katharin Von Gavel, founder of Footlogix has created the Callus Softener which is professional only and is designed to melt away calluses. The PH Balanced Foot Soak which has anti-microbial properties so as soon as you’ve removed, or lessened the callus the client can enjoy a foot soak that starts to get to work on removing any lingering bacteria. The Footlogix Stainless Steel Foot File is designed to not shred the skin, it is uniquely designed to be lightweight and double sided with a multidirectional grit. 


Important Aftercare

Each concern is taken care of with Footlogix’s targeted aftercare products whether your clients have rough, dry skin or whether their concern is a fungal nail infection, Footlogix products are powered by dermal infusion technology meaning that they get to the heart of the problem and work from the inside out repairing each layer of skin one at a time. Footlogix products can also be used as a preventative long after the concern has been solved, your client can continue to use their aftercare routine to prevent any problems returning. Explore the Anti-fungal , Speciality and Dry Skin ranges.


Available online now through Louella Belle, or if you’re stocking up on the go why not pop into your local Ellisons and explore their range of Footlogix products.


Expand your Footlogix knowledge with our dedicated Footlogix training courses, whether you need full Product Knowledge Training to help you maximise your aftercare sales or want to embark on a new pedicure journey with the Footlogix Beginner course. Find out more about Footlogix training on pages 12 & 13 of our Education Brochure.