IBX BOOST is a flexible and strong over the top universal nail coating.  It functions as the buffer layer between the natural nail, gel polish and hard gels. IBX BOOST can also be used as a natural nail overlay to protect the nail and allow growth.


  • Easy to apply with amazing retention properties.
  • Requires no buffing on the natural nail prior to application.
  • Cures in one minute in an LED or UV lamp.
  • Rebalances are easy, saving you time.


The Science Bit

IBX BOOST has more oligomers and fewer monomers than other products. Why is this important? Oligomers have long chains and two reaction sites. Monomers are much smaller and each has a reaction site so they are more reactive molecules.  Therefore IBX BOOST has a more balanced number of reaction sites resulting in a more controlled cure.

IBX BOOST contains the best filler components for smoothness and ridge filling capabilities.

Top Tip: Always use a 90% or higher IPA.

Perfect For:

  • Clients who want an extra layer of protection for natural nails.
  • Clients who suffer with weak or brittle nails.