The desire for natural nails is ever growing and using IBX and IBX BOOST can help your clients achieve stronger, longer and healthier natural nails.

Why IBX?

IBX protects natural nails under a gel polish and supports natural nail growth. The IBX system adds a protective shield INTO the nail plate to protect it from frequent gel-removal.

    • IBX has an ongoing beneficial effect in natural nails.
    • IBX repairs damaged parts of the nail so it can grow out normally.
    • IBX helps strengthen thin, bendy nails.
    • IBX “fills up” deep grooves over time.

Whilst IBX works deep within the natural nail, IBX BOOST creates a protective outer layer on top of the nail IBX BOOST will smooth, strengthen, protect the outter layers and act as a buffer layer under other services.

The IBX Boost System is a FLEXIBLE and STRONG coating that can be used as:
•    A natural nail overlay for strength and added protection
•    A protective coating under other services such as Gel Polish
•    Extends Gel Polish wear up to three weeks or more


As IBX cures, it forms an Interpenetrating Polymer Network (shown on left). The IPN bonds to itself and not to the keratin of the nail plate. This results in a “toughening” of the nail plate with flexibility and without brittleness.

IBX becomes a permanent addition in the nail plate. Solvents and detergents will not remove it!

Using the IBX System is like adding an “insurance policy” into your nail to guard against problems from arising.


Louella Belle offers full training in both IBX and IBX BOOST. Speak to your Business Development Manager today about training, or contact our Education team and email or call 0333 000 2100 and become IBX Certified!

Join our IBX Webinar this summer!

Purchase the IBX Mini kit and have a chance at joining our exclusive online webinar with Linda Nordstrom, co-founder of IBX and IBX Boost. To qualify for entry into the webinar your IBX Mini Kit must have been purchased from 16/07/2018 until 15/08/18. Please note that there are only 100 spaces on a first come first basis, please email  for more information.  The webinar will take place on the 22nd August at 4pm UK time.