Here are the steps for applying a gel polish over IBX BOOST.

Step 1: Cleanse nails with Cinnatize using a lint free wipe.

Step 2: Apply a thin later of IBX BOOST BASE over the nail plate and cure for one minute in a LED or UV lamp.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of IBX BOOST to the nail plate allowing it to self-level and then glide the product over the entire nail. Cure for one minute in a LED or UV lamp.

Step 4 (optional): for damaged, severe nails or to build additional thickness, we recommend a thin second coat of IBX BOOST, apply the second coat and cure. Do not cleanse before applying this second coat.

Step 5: Go straight to your gel polish colour coat, do not remove the sticky later, do not buff the surface and do not use the gel polish base coat.

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