Whatever industry you are in, organisation and planning are always key to a successful business. Keeping your salon organised will help to ensure that you have more time to focus on the important things such as your clients, as well as bringing in new products, training your staff and looking on to achieve your ultimate goals.

Organisation Tips Louella Belle

Stay On Top Of Emails

Most of the time, our inboxes are full of unnecessary junk that we just haven’t bothered to sort through. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything important, unsubscribe from the emails you’ve had enough of, and keep yourself up to date with the ones most important to you. Here at Louella Belle we send out weekly e-newsletters full of our latest collections and trend updates, so emails like this can prove helpful to refreshing your business and staying on top of trends.


Keeping a salon calendar is great not only for appointments, but also for trend forecasting and planning ahead. Holiday’s such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are bound to be a busy time in the salon, so make sure you have these in your calendar and offer relevant seasonal promotions. Having everything in one place means you can co-ordinate your salon activities and even allow time to put together some promotions and offers for your clients.

Order Forms

The last thing your salon needs is to run out of products when you need them the most. Create your own order form with a list of products that you use the most, as well as products or collections that you are interested in so you can order them in plenty of time. That way, you know exactly who to contact and when. Here at Louella Belle our sales representatives are always on hand to pay you a visit with all the latest from Louella Belle, and can place an order for you when stock is running low.

Admin Time

Staying organised in your salon is only half the story. What you also need is time. Set aside some time each week to sit down and go through all the admin work, from checking and updating your calendar, to completing a quick stock take to see when you need to place your next order. Remember to take on feedback from your customers as to what you can improve on, this is vital to delivering the best possible service.

Plan Ahead

Keeping everything organised and managed effectively ultimately means time to plan ahead. Have you got a new collection launching in your salon? Plan well in advance so not only can you organise an order, but you’ll also have time to plan some marketing and promotion, and with your brand spanking new calendar, why not take some advanced bookings too?

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