Social media is a great way to boost your business, offering endless opportunities and a great way to interact with both new and existing clients. Best of all, social media allows you to understand your client base and target your marketing around their specifications, enabling your business to grow and develop.

We’ve put together some top tips for social media that will help you to understand each platform and why it can help your salon grow.


You may have your own Facebook profile, but does your salon have its own business page? A Facebook business page is an essential when promoting your business. The best part of Facebook pages is that you are able to gain insights into how your posts are reaching your clients and how they are interacting with them. If you want to gain more of a following, you can pay to boost your posts so they reach potential new clients. You can then see which posts attract the most attention and these statistics will help you to understand what your clients are most interested in.

Perfect for building your client base.


Twitter is a fast-paced environment but it’s perfect for keeping in touch with your clients. Twitter is great for conversation, so make sure your tweets are concise but regular, then you will start to build conversation around your brand and your clients will interact with you too.

Perfect for regular updates and client interaction.

Louella Belle Social Media Tips For Business And Salons Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Instagram


A picture paints a thousand words, and Instagram is perfect for showing your clients you’re the high quality and creativity of your services. Instagram is great for showing your clients a behind the scenes take on your salon, as well as showing them an array of services so they feel comfortable to personalise their salon experience with you.

Perfect for visual engagement.


Unlike Instagram, the emphasis of Pinterest is on the discovery of other people’s content. This is great for salons and spas as it can work like a product catalogue where you can upload your product images, manicures and salon snapshots and your clients can save these to their own boards for future reference. You can also link the images to your website so that new clients viewing the images will be taken directly to your homepage.

Perfect for creating customer loyalty.


With LinkedIn you can create a business page showcasing the talents of your team and treatments, attracting the attention of not only future employees but also the overall business. LinkedIn is also a great place to interact with product suppliers and heighten your professional profile.

Perfect for professional networking. 

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