Tips from Sam Watkinson, Director of Education

I still have clients who have Liquid and Powder extensions but due to their lifestyle some experience lifting in-between maintenance services. Thanks to the unique and revolutionary chemical technology of Rock Hard LED Gel and L&P, the application of either Pink Rocker or Groupie Brush on Gel before my liquid & powder application solves lifting every time.

This time of year our nails seem to grow quicker than normal, and most of us hate to see the regrowth of our nails to soon. When applying Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish or Morgan Taylor apply the colour as close to the cuticle as you dare without touching the surrounding skin.

You can achieve this by holding the clients finger firmly and pull back the nail fold with your thumb to expose more of the nail plate surface, this will allow you to push the bristles of the brush nice and close to the cuticle line. Once released, the colour will look as though it is growing out of the finger keeping your colour looking newly applied for longer.

Don’t forget to clean up with your clean Artistic 7# brush dipped in a small amount of Cleanser to create smooth, crisp, clean lines around the cuticle and up the lateral folds.     


Tidying Up Tips by Laura Prats, Louella Belle Educator

For tidying up little errors in your cuticle line or lateral walls, use your thinnest point on your stylist marbling tools. These are fully sterilisable unlike an orange stick.
Always put a slightly more solid colour down with Artistic Colour Gloss, to prevent having to apply lots of coats. For example I use VIPink Room under or Bride under Manic as Manic is not so deep in strength of colour.
If a colour is moving away from your free edge you may not have capped your end with Bonding Gel, if this happens try not to do too many nails at once and stick to two or three before curing.

Nail Art Tips by Lyndsay Harrold,  Louella Belle Educator

Nail art isn't just about following a series of predefined painting steps, its about looking for inspiration in every day for designs that can be incorporated into your nail service! Designs and patterns can be found in all sorts of places from a new dress, to stones on the beach! And tools to create designs aren't always expensive nail art tools....some of the most useful are in your everday life from tooth floss to kitchen sponges...try whatever you can to incorporate patterns and texture and your designs will be beautiful and unique!

Always go the extra mile for your nail only clients and include a moisturise and mini hand massage at the end of your service with a fragranced hand cream, and make sure you have plenty of it for retial.....if you choose your fragrances carefully, your cleints will love it and will buy for home use!