School’s almost out, Ascot Races have just started, and festival season is currently underway.

Now is the perfect time to be summer ready with Sienna X!

Sienna X have a variety of treatments which are perfect for your clients this summer, from brows to wax & tan, there are products for everyone this summer.


Whether summer is a washout or an opportunity to enhance that summer glow, this is the busiest season for tanning, so make sure you’re all stocked up, or if you want to add tanning to your treatment offering speak to one of our team about training. 

Sienna X is an award-winning professional tanning brand and all their products have natural active ingredients, blended into a unique moisturising formulation.

Did you know they are formulated to work best in a single application, so you only need one coat!

Creating the perfect tan can sometimes be a challenge, as everyone’s client is different in terms of skin types. Here are some tips to create the perfect tan:

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Whether it is an eyebrow wax, leg wax or bikini wax, the Sienna X waxing range delivers first class results! Containing Organic Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Echinacea, known for their anti-septic and healing properties.

Here are a few top tips to make your treatments faster and keep the pain levels to a minimum:

  • Don’t moisturise prior to applying wax. Remember to remove all traces of product from the skin.
  • Don’t trim long hairs before waxing.
  • Use the wax at the correct temperature. Always heat the wax well and check the temperature by applying to the inner side of your wrist first.
  • Apply wax in the direction of the hair growth, place the strip over it and pull it off from the opposite direction.
  • Pull the skin taut before removing the wax strip.

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Flawless brows are a must have, Sienna X offers products and treatments to embrace the natural arch and enhance the shape there already is, instead of creating a different one.

If how to solve sparse brows is the question, then tinting is the answer. Adding a little bit of colour to the brows instantly changes them, making them look thicker and enhances the texture. The new Sienna X Brow range offers four colours that are easily blended together for a custom colour, each tint allows you to create long-lasting results combined with a quick development gives your client flawless brows for up to six weeks. We recommend the Sienna X tint cream developer for the best results.

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Sienna X provides premium beauty products for both professionals and to support your retail offering, that help client loyalty and enhance customer experience , that will have your clients summer ready and coming back for more.