With summer in full swing, it’s time to get those pedicure treatments ready for their busiest time of year. Here at Louella Belle we’ve got a range of products that will help you offer the best possible treatment tailored to each and every client.

Treat Any Foot Problem This Summer With Footlogix!

Louella Belle Perfect Pedicures

Footlogix is the world’s first and only Pediceutical line, enabling active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin. Footlogix has an answer to every foot problem, and will ensure that any customer feeling insecure about their feet, from cracked heels to fungal infections, will leave the salon with a spring in their step. Not only does Footlogix provide everything you need for the salon, but they also offer a range of complementary retail products for at-home use.

Offer A Safe And Sanitary Pedicure With The Footsie Bath!

Louella Belle Perfect Pedicures

The Footsie Bath tub is light weight, durable and the most versatile foot spa on the market with a temperature controlled heater and ultra-sonic vibration, making it the perfect pedicure solution for both salon and mobile technicians. The liner carrier eliminates the need to carry the entire tub to empty and refill, and the disposable liners ensure that a professional pedicure adheres to the highest of hygiene standards.

Show Off Your Summer Style With Salt Of The Earth!

Louella Belle Perfect Pedicures

Salt Of The Earth’s modern apothecary treatment means you can tailor and customise your treatments to suit the needs of your client. The variety of scents from Salt Of The Earth means you can create a summer-feel atmosphere, with a relaxed and gentle treatment.

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