With a new year in full swing, it’s time to up our treatment game and stand out from the crowd with a new manicure regime.

January is a time of year where a lot of clients will ask for a break from their gels or acrylics in an attempt for healthier, stronger nails. 

Louella Belle New Year New Resolutions

That’s why you should make IBX your New Year Nail Resolution of 2017! IBX is the first treatment of its kind – a strengthener that works inside the nail plate as opposed to other nail treatments that just sit on top. The UV/LED curable technology in IBX penetrates into the upper layers of the nail plate to toughen and protect weak nails.

The best part is, IBX can be used under gel polish or as a nail growth treatment. Under gel polish, IBX creates a protective shield for the natural nail, safeguarding it against the gel polish removal process. So whatever your clients are looking for in 2017, make sure IBX becomes part of your routine during these treatments. 

Of course, the proof is in the results! Take a look at these IBX transformations. 

Louella Belle New Year New Resolutions

Add the IBX system to your treatment menu in 2017 and benefit from increased revenue from what has become the ultimate add-on service. Healthy nails = happy customers!

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