Sometimes it’s the little things we forget, we’ve rounded up a list of manicure essentials to give your clients the best manicure they’ve experienced.


Updating your tools regularly ensures everything you use is in the best condition, do your Cuticle Pushers need an update?


In need of new nail files? Have you tried Tropical Shine? An industry leading nail file brand for over 25 years, offering a variety of nail files which come in different shapes, sizes and colours!


Got a client always in a hurry? Why not try Accelerate, the award winning Quick Dry Nail Drops by Morgan Taylor


Dadi’Oil is many of our clients’ essential cuticle oil, this hydrating formula helps nourish nails and keep cuticles hydrated. End your treatments with a hand massage using Dadi’Loition, all the power of Dadi’Oil in lotion form, hydrating and no greasy this is the perfect end to all manicure treatments.


Want to add a little luxury to your manicure offering? Try adding IBX to your treatment menu, this revolutionary treatment is strengthening and repairing nails all over the globe since 2014. View our blog post here on a tutorial on IBX.

Why not purchase a Famous Names Starter Kit? By retailing all the mini Dadi’Oil (RRP 3.95) you make your money back, meaning you can get IBX, Cinnatize, Dadi’Oil and Dadi’Lotion for free as part of your regular kit!


All stocked up on towels? The first thing your client sees when they sit down at the manicure station is the towel you’re using, make sure it’s clean and in good condition. Try Artistic towels or for pedicure, why not use Footlogix towels?

Trying to keep everything organised? Why not invest in a polish carry case?

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