The Sienna X dedicated waxing team - with 70 years combined depilatory experience - spent nearly two years developing the Sienna X waxing line, with countless trials to create a compact range for you to choose from. We made sure ours is an exceptional range that delivers first-class results your clients will notice for a more comfortable treatment!

The Facts:


  • Sienna X formulas melt at the lowest possible temperature and have quick setting times
  • Sienna X Wax contain organic Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Echinacea, known for anti-septic and healing properties
  • The hot wax that maintains its thickness whilst remaining flexible. This means the wax acts like a solid even when spread out across the skin
  • Ingredients of the highest grade including raw materials that undergo stringent quality control and testing


Sienna X Waxing Aftercare


How it works: The fatty acids in blackcurrant seed oil and sunflower seed oil help to reinforce the skin barrier, which means that sensitivity is reduced. In turn, reducing skin sensitivity means that inflammation will also be lessened, because inflammation is a reaction to sensitivity. Less sensitivity and inflammation mean less discomfort to your client.


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