IBX BOOST is the latest innovation from Famous Names, a protective layer for the natural nail giving your clients nails that added strength for longer lasting Gel Polish or Lacquer manicures.

Here are the top tips from Linda, on application and what to do if BOOST doesn’t apply evenly, the more you use IBX BOOST the easier it is to use and you get to know how the product moves.

  1. Though we state with Boost that we do not need to buff the natural nail, it must be cleansed and free from any non-living tissue.
  2. THIN, THIN, THIN. Both Boost and Boost Base must be applied very thin. Be careful not to get any Base on clients’ skin as Boost will follow where there is Base.
  3. If boost is not applied thin it will not self-level and will chip. A second layer of Boost can be added if needed.
  4. If applying gel polish do not remove the sticky residue from Boost and do not use a gel polish base coat. Apply gel polish directly over the sticky residue.
  5. If when applying gel polish you do not have a nice level surface on your Boost, then you can remove the sticky residue and file the surface to remove the imperfections. Once filed brush off any dust. Do not use cleanser or gel polish base coat. You can apply your gel polish in thin layers directly over or you can apply another thin layer of Boost, cure for 1 minute and apply your gel polish over the sticky residue.
  6. When removing the sticky residue over natural nail overlays use a remover that is 90% IPA
  7. IBX BOOST has a shelf life of 36 months once opened, or up to 10 years unopened when stored correctly.

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Want to get the most out of IBX BOOST? We recommend booking on to the IBX Course which now includes IBX BOOST. Get in touch with our education team on education@louellabelle.co.uk to find your nearest educator.