Seche offers a complete range of manicure treatments that include Base, Clear, Recondition, Rebuild, Natural with Seche Vite’s Top Coat being continually unmatched in today’s market. With over a million bottles of Seche Vite being sold in the UK, here’s why you should fall in love with Seche…

  1. Seche Vite’s revolutionary technology dries instantly whilst creating the most durable nail protection, making nails resilient to smudging and chipping.
  2. The Seche Vite award winning Dry Fast Top Coat is also Vegan.
  3. Seche does not contain Nitrocellulous, therefore it has a non-yellowing formula. This alongside its UV protection means it will stay clear throughout use and prevent the discolouration of nails.
  4. Seche Natural contains ingredients such as Calcium, Protein and Polyurethane allowing it to strengthen even the weakest of nails.
  5. Seche has a wide range of treatments with a variety of base and top coats, making them perfect for all nail types and can be used throughout your whole nail regime.


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