Save your manicure tables with the Artistic Manicure Towels, these perfectly sized towels are soft and are a great addition to your manicure area.


Artistic files and buffers are designed to be light & comfortable to hold and control. Shaped for ease of use and to eliminate contact with the skin and possible cutting of the cuticle area. A reinforced plastic centre eliminates bending and breakage while working, ensuring longevity of your files and buffers. Buffers are made with a thick foam centre to help quickly eliminate file demarcations with less work. All files and buffers can be sanitised.

Artistic Nail Design Thin Wooden File - 240/240 is designed to be light and comfortable to hold and control and to eliminate contact with the cuticle and surrounding skin. The Reflect File 400/4000 is used to create a high shine buffer on natural or acrylic nails that will not be polished. Use the green side first to create a matt finish and then use the white side to create a high gloss shine.

Refine acrylics with the Artistic Correct 150/150 file, this file is used for correction and refining traditional gels and acrylics. Artistic’s Perfect 220/280 Perfect Buffer is designed to finish and buff the artificial nail and removes file demarcations on the artificial nail surface.


A flawless Artistic Colour Gloss manicure starts with perfect foundations, Artistic PH Prep is used in the preparation of the nail as a dehydrating step and is essential in the proper preparation of the nail plate. The Soak Off Bonding Gel creates the adhesion between the natural keratin in the nail plate and gel products. This product is gel chemistry based and designed to create a double covalent bond between the natural nail plate and all Artistic soak off gel products.

Top your manicure with Artistic Glossing Gel which seals & protects your clients manicure and creates a high shine finish. It can also be used with any traditional enhancement system to eliminate buffing and provide a high shine finish. Artistic Glossing Gel utilizes the latest generation of photo initiators to ensure a full cure with no yellowing, peeling or dulling.

End your clients perfect manicure with Artistic Revive Nail & Cuticle Oil which rehydrates moisture in the cuticle and skin surrounding the nail.


The Artistic Nail Design LED Cure Box is the perfect addition to your Gel Manicure area, the latest LED light from Artistic features:

  • Eye guard LED Shield
  • Soft Touch
  • 5 Finger Cure
  • Smartcure On/Off Button
  • 36 Watts 50,000 Hours
  • Diamond Reflectors
  • Motion Sensor
  • Removable Magnetic Tray
  • Acetone Resistant