Christmas is prime time for your clients to be looking glam, with endless work parties, family catch ups and Christmas markets to wander around, keeping mascara intact all day can be task. Help your clients achieve the ultimate glam (and weather proof) look with Ardell lashes.

Deluxe and Multipacks 

Multipacks’ are great for those clients who wear lashes daily, maximise their loyalty by stocking a variety of multipacks. Cult classic like the Demi Wispies come in multipacks.

The Deluxe Pack is great for clients on the go, or those just starting out using Ardell lashes as they come with a mini Duo glue and applicator.

Twin Packs are great for the party season, meaning your client can easily pack these for a weekend away.


The classic Wispies by Ardell are a cult classic, loved by celebrities, makeup artists and everyone else in-between. The Wispies have a criss-cross feathered design to open up your eyes and create the appearance of thicker, longer lashes. The Wispies are shorter than your average false lash to give the illusion that these are your real lashes, but better. 

The Demi Wispies are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity, so your finished look is flawless every time. 


The Baby Demi Wispies are very short in the corners and flare out towards the outer eye, to open up the eye with a more dramatic effect.

Individual Lashes

Have you got a client who loves to create her own look? We recommend the Individuals, with a range of lengths and thickness your client can combine more than one style to achieve their desired look. From thicker clusters like the Mega Flare to a more subtle look like the Individuals Regular Short, your clients have endless possibilities when it comes to applying their lashes at home. 

Why not add on lash application in salon? Finish your clients Eyebrows, or Eye treatment with Ardell for something a little special this festive season.

Have you seen the Ardell Displays? Display your lashes on one of the branded Ardell displays for maximum brand awareness.

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