Meet The Team

Connecting You To The Brands We Love

We are a team of dedicated beauty enthusiasts, focusing on delivering a first-class experience and connecting you to the brands we love. From marketing through to the warehouse, we are all here to help and support you through your Louella Belle journey!

Aby Dolan

I’ve played football for over 10 years!

Bianca Fuentes

I have more than 10 pets, I love animals!

Blake Crook

Bryony Cocksedge

I’ve given dressing room manicures to Ella Eyre, Lianne La Havas and Krept & Kona.

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Candy Warren

I was once a mountain ski guide in Whistler.

Charlotte Smith

I love crazy colourful eyeshadow and dyeing my hair to match!

Darren Crook

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Elliot Godolphin

I used to get paid for playing my favourite video game.

Holly Collisson

I love baking almost as much as I like eating!

Jack Forsdick

Jacqui Wood

I once injected over 1,000 chickens in one day while travelling!

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Jamie Crook

In 1993 I was in an episode of Grange Hill.

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Jenni Draper

Nigella Lawson once made me an omelette.

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Jennie Beebe

I’m a Guinness World Record holder.

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Jenny Yu

I am a qualified lash tech and obsessed with all things beauty and food.

Krishna Hindocha

My nickname is LadyK…named by The Rolling Stones Manager Joyce Smith!

Lana Barnes

I volunteered to help build a community centre for a local village in Swaziland, South Africa!

Lily Chappin

I'm Frenchie obsessed and my dream is to have more than 10 one day!

Maddie Sparrow

I love bouncy blow dries and all things pink!

Marcin Bezwerchny

I am quite good with IT, it all started with me blowing up my Dad’s PC at the age of 7!

Margaret Leahy

I have been snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

Nicola Reynolds

One thing on my bucket list is to take a selfie with a Quokka.

Zain Raza

I love to dance and have performed at shows including on stage at Wembley, Birmingham & Manchester Arena.