Lyndsay Harrold 
Artistic Expert Educator

Gwynedd, Wales


Lyndsay has worked in the nail industry for over 8 years and is based in North Wales. She loves the combination of working in an industry where skill levels and demands are high. Her career hightlight was delivering her first training course as she loves teaching clients about their nails and how to look after them properly at home.

PTTLS Qualified

Achieved Status - Artistic Expert

"I feel that good education is at the very heart of driving excellence. That one day and the training course fee, however much it costs, you will reap many, many times that over, if you look to the long term of your career. A good teacher can and should inspire not only a love of the job, a love of the product, but also a love of learning. I confess to being a knowledge and learning junkie! I'm addicted to learning new techniques, improving what I can already do, and now it shows - as a tech I have a waiting list for new clients! As an educator, I not only want to teach my students the basic application or trouble shooting technique, I want to know that I've helped them be the best they can be. "