Elise Scholes-Pilkington 
Artistic Scholar



Elise Scholes-Pilkington covers the Staffordshire area and has been in the industry 14 years. She has been teaching for 5 years and last year completed her PTTLS. Elise is best known for her competitive edge having over 25 1st place titles in a variety of categories including Scratch Stars Gel Polish Stylist 2012, Fibreglass Tech Of the Year 2013, Nail Professional of The Year 2012. She also judges and is driven by the passion shown by other nail techs in this exciting industry.

PTTLS Qualified

"I love being in an industry that has such passion in all areas, I started at a young age yet have seen it go through so many changes and I am finally seeing it take a serious place in the consumers eyes. For me, the eye is in the detail and that is how I work, from the neatest cuticle work to the perfect polish!"
Awarded with "Manicurist of the Year" at the Scratch Star Awards 2015