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The App That Helps Therapists Be Their Own Boss!



Storefront’s aim is to provide the necessary tools to help beauty therapists excel at managing their own brand by putting you in the driving seat to make beauty work for you. Storefront allows beauty therapists to work on their own terms, grow their clientele and become self-sufficient.




Storefront provides tools to help beauty therapists excel at managing their own brand. Storefront lets you showcase your business through:

  • A designated website optimised for the beauty and wellness industry
  • A booking app which connects to your calendar so customers quickly book themselves in without you having to lift a finger.
  • A calendar that allows you to track your earnings and take card payments without a machine


With Storefront you can...


Place Bookings
At Storefront, placing a booking has never been easier. Simply add bookings to the Calendar Feature to make sure that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Payment Links
Once a booking is confirmed, you can send your client a payment link with an amount of your choice via email or SMS message. This link will open a form for your client to enter their card details and pay. Perfect for taking deposits!

Earnings Tracker
Here you can enter your weekly earnings target to help keep you on track and focused on reaching your monetary goals. You can also keep documentation of your appointment earnings as a list to help keep you informed.

Intelligent Timeslots
Do you struggle to factor-in commute times into your busy schedule? The Intelligent Timeslots feature scopes out the estimated time slots for you to reach your appointments on time, taking into account your clients’ addresses.


Does this sound like the perfect tool for you? Elevate your business management to help your brand thrive, so that you can focus on producing incredible treatments!



By registering for Storefront through Louella Belle, you will receive priority onboarding and your first month FREE. Simply, register via the link below to book onto your demo and get started with Storefront.