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Footsie Salon Pedicure Equipment

The Footsie Bath of Beverley Hills brand has received praise and recognition from top professionals around the world as well as being multi-award winning for innovation and in the sanitary pedicure solutions categories. Its innovative structure is designed to work continuously and strenuously in a salon environment. Your Footsie bath has four heating and vibrating variations, allowing you to customise the pedicure experience for your clients, and with a variety of creative features, its no wonder Footsie are one of our most successful brands.

Celebrity pedicurist Genya Vinokur used her 35 years of industry experience to develop Footsie Bath, the first professional pedicure spa disposable liner system.
With hygiene a growing concern in the spa world, she realized the need for a high quality, reliable and sanitary foot spa but could not find a system that met her standards. So she created her own, combining her practical knowledge of spa services with state-of-the-art technology, to produce the most versatile professional foot spa system available.