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Belava's Professional Salon Furniture and Pedicure Chairs Online





Belava are renowned for high quality professional products that give your clients the ultimate salon experience. Belava started out in 2004 with their now hugely popular durable plastic tubs and liners which can be recycled after every customer…

Belava’s Salon Furniture & Pedicure Chairs Online

We are proud to supply the Belava brand of salon furniture, available for UK businesses to order online. Whether you are launching your beauty services for the first time, or are replacing your existing chairs and accessories, Belava is a great choice. They are passionate about providing outstanding beauty and wellness experiences by creating innovative products that function well, with an elegant and sophisticated look. Explore our online store for the full range of industry leading salon products, including pedicure chairs, pedicure bowls, and even reclining salon chairs.

Our pedicure chairs and beauty salon furniture can be ordered online, and delivered to wherever you are in the UK.

Beauty Salon Chairs

Belava salon chairs are ergonomically designed for comfort and back support, made with quality materials. Designed without the need for plumbing, this range of pedicure chairs can be moved around as you need, so you can adapt to your beauty salon’s changing needs.

Our exclusive range of reclining salon chairs allows you to adjust the height to you and your client’s preferred level, for maximum relaxation.

Pedicure Chairs & Foot rests

Upholstered with soft materials, with detachable foot rests, our range of professional-standard pedicure chairs include smart features such as heating and massage. The extendable drawer includes a foot spa, and an attached manicure table. It is adaptable to a range of different treatments, and is acetone resistant. An adjustable pedicure foot rest allows for optimal access during treatments. The reclining salon chair is suitable for use with our range of professional pedicure bowls.