Louella Belle Salt Of The Earth Spa School

Derived from the Great Salt Lake Utah, Salt of the Earth focuses on the incredible benefits of fresh, natural products to create the finest bath and body products. You won’t find any harsh chemicals or ingredients, leaving skin feeling much healthier and rejuvenated.

Infused with 72 trace minerals which are essential for the overall health of the body and skin, Salt Of The Earth products are extremely beneficial.

Louella Belle Salt Of The Earth Spa School

Salt Of The Earth provides a variety of products, including exfoliating salts and scrubs, Mineral Mud, Mineral Cream, Fire & Ice Menthol Lotion, delicious fragrances, oils, and elegant kits to make your clients’ skin feel beautiful. Your salon will look sleek and smell incredible.

Salt Of The Earth have their own online Spa School which has plenty of video tutorials to train you and help you get to know more about them and their products.

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