Morgan Taylor have a very exciting new collection, introducing the Royal Temptations Spring Collection!Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations Spring Collection

Morgan Taylor’s Royal Temptations collection will definitely tickle your taste buds with seven very delicious shades. Its decadent feel and opulent pastels of sea foam green, teal, purple, pink and coral help to convey the romantic fantasy we associate with being a queen.

From left to right:

All The Heart Desires - A hot pink creme

All The Queens Bling - Purple pearl

Beauty Marks The SpotCoral creme

Curls & Pearls - Pale pink creme

My Other Wig Is A Tiara - Sea foam blue

Over The Top Pop - A multi glitter special effect top coat

Ruffle Those Feathers - Teal creme

The Royal Temptations collection also has 3 Duo Packs available which will contain two 15ml shades from the collections that compliment eachother perfectly.Louella Belle Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations Spring Collection

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