The New 2016 Morgan Taylor Fall Sweetheart Squadron Collection Has Landed!

Spread your wings and take flight with the Sweetheart Squadron collection from Morgan Taylor. The collection, inspired by the courageous female pioneers of the aviation industry, features six adventurous new shades including a dusty coral, fiery red, slate grey and more! Straight from the runways (Fashion and Aviation) to your nails, this palette will have you zipping up your flight jacket and climbing into the pilot’s seat.

Introducing the six new adventurous shades:

Become part of the Sweetheart Squad with the new Mini and Duo packs! 

Louella Belle Morgan Taylor Fall Collection 2016Louella Belle Morgan Taylor Fall Collection 2016

Get your licence to fly with the Morgan Taylor 12 Piece Collection Display

Louella Belle Morgan Taylor Fall Collection 2016

Shop the full Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron Collection here, via our customer services or your sales representatives now! 

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