Famous Names are dedicated to creating the best in class products for the Nail Industry. Not only do they formulate award winning individual products, but their products can be used in cohesion to provide the perfect Nail Recovery Treatment, for both the natural nail and for use under gel polish.

To begin your treatment, be sure to cleanse the nail using Cinnatize. Containing natural cinnamon leaf extract, the product removes moisture from the nail, acting as a PH balancer and helps to remove surface minerals, preparing the nail for any professional service.

IBX Repair & Strengthen
You are now ready to apply your IBX System. Firstly, apply the IBX Repair formula to the nail, once cured and cleansed, it is time for the IBX Strengthen application. The IBX two part system toughens the natural nail from within, allowing natural nail growth for clients. The system is known to Repair of severe or chronic nail damage, filling grooves and improving natural nail colour and appearance.

IBX Boost
You are now ready to commence your IBX Boost treatment. Unlike the previous IBX System, Boost creates a protective layer over the nail plate, acting as a buffer layer under other services, such as Gel Polish, Safeguarding against Gel Polish wear and removal.

Once you have completed your nail treatment, the Luxury Dadi’Scrub can now be used to exfoliate the skin. The non-greasy formula leaves the hands and arms smooth and conditioned.

To complete the massage, follow with Luxury Dadi’Lotion to sooth and moisturise skin. Dadi’Lotion can also be used to dissolve leftover scrub residue on the hands and arms, allowing the formula to soak into the skin.

Finally apply Dadi’Oil and massage into the cuticles to nourish nails and a hydrated finished look. The oil absorbs quickly, making it the perfect finish to any treatment and creates flexibility to brittle nails.

The combination of products within the treatments allows for the same alluring aroma throughout and achieves optimum results as the products are known to work in unity.

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