Addressing client concerns in salons can be daunting, and if issues are not dealt with in the correct manner it can lead to unhappy customers. Here are some effective ways to manage your clients’ feedback: 

Louella Belle Addressing Clients Concerns

Ask For Feedback - If you provide good treatments and follow professional protocols, the chances are you will receive positive feedback, and good feedback can boost your confidence and lift team morale! If you don’t ask, many people won’t share their thoughts.

Give your clients a place to voice their opinions

Many clients may be expecting you to ask how the treatment was, and if you don’t, and they’ve not had the best experience, they’ll be unsatisfied to be deprived of the opportunity to speak up. Providing clients with a simple feedback form or sending them a follow up email to ask how their treatment was is an excellent way to let their opinions to be heard.

Resolve the problem

If you don’t know there’s an issue, you can’t fix it! The client may then go home and take to social media if they feel dissatisfied with the service you have provided– and this can damage your reputation. Addressing the issues and speaking to a client to work out a solution to keep everyone happy is the best step. It’s a great opportunity to re-instil the customer’s faith in your business and make sure they come back!

Learn from it

If lots of clients are consistently feeding back on a particular issue this is a sign you need to make some changes. If you don’t listen to your customers, you may end up losing customers. Listen to your customers and take on board what they say and make the relevant changes– your clients will realise you’ve listened and you’ll gain loyalty and respect. Client’s will always have expectations on the treatments they receive, be empathetic to their concerns and fix it.

Try not to take it personally

It’s easy to get upset about negative comments. Some people will be a little unfair – and it’s important to not take it to heart too much. Every business has a different culture. Some people just won’t like your style of business – but that’s OK.

Focus on the good

Good reviews and positive feedback are great for your team and your business. Feedback to your team and praise them for the positives! It’s great to share on social media too, as clients feel reassured to see what other people think.

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