Stock up on essentials

With the increase in treatments it important to not run out of the essentials for example, Soak Off Wraps, Remover and Nail Surface Cleanser. View our nail brand essentials here: Morgan Taylor, Artistic.

Be prepared to offer one a day a week for late night treatments

Summer can be a busy time of year, offering one night a week for a late night treatments gives your clients a bit more flexibility. Running a late night often works well on a Wednesday or a Thursday working until either 8 or 9, even 10pm if you can be that flexible or work from home.

Prepare for nail art requests

Summer is peak time for nail art requests so remember to add on time for nail art designs, perhaps only offer nail art during off-peak times to avoid long waiting times for your other clients.

Invest in aftercare retail products

The best way to look after a manicure, or pedicure is making sure the nail and surrounding skin is kept in top shape. We recommend Dadi’Oil and Dadi’Lotion as the perfect aftercare products for both manicure’s and pedicures.

Look out for new colour releases

Clients are more likely to be adventurous in the summer, so look out for those new shades to keep their nails ahead of the trend.

Offering spray tans?

We can be a little surprised when summer arrives, those last minute spray tan bookings can throw us off. We advise checking the tanning solution is still within its shelf life date, be sure to stock up on adhesive feet, barrier cream and retail aftercare. Shop Sienna X tanning solutions, here.

Offering waxing?

Summer can creep up on us, so making sure your waxing essentials are stocked up ahead of the season means you can offer last minute hair removal. View Sienna X waxing essentials, here.

Don’t forget the air con!

Summer can be sticky, create an inviting and cool environment to keep your clients coming back.

Looking to increase business over the summer? Follow these tips:

Offer recommend a friend discounts, this is usually between 10-20%. 20% off for their friends first treatment, and then 20% off your regular clients next treatment.

Promote pedicures, summer is prime time for peep-toes, why not add Footlogix to your offering for transformational results to your client’s feet.

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