Using Instagram For Your Salon

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform of the moment. Focusing on the visual element of your salon, here’s why you should be using Instagram in your salon in 2016. 

Louella Belle Instagram For Your Salon

It’s Not Just A Trend Thing.

Having reached 150 million active users faster than any other social media platform, it’s easy to see that Instagram is fast becoming the most popular social media channel to date. With 65% of the world’s top 100 brands using Instagram in 2016, it’s not just a trend. With such a high presence of businesses now using Instagram to reach their customers, it is important you get your salon onto Instagram in order to show your customers you are on top of the trends and to stop your competitors from reaching them first.

Visual Marketing.

Most of the big social media sites have made changes so that visual content has more of a presence on our social media feeds. Instagram enables you to produce photos and videos and share these not only with new and existing customers, but share these across your other online platforms too. Visual marketing is a great way to show potential customers the high quality treatments and services you have to offer, and inspires them to come to your salon and already have in mind what you can do for them.

Enhance Your Branding.

The editing process behind Instagram photos is perfect for conveying a certain mood or atmosphere around your salon. Want your customers to feel calm and relaxed in your salon? Use a mellow, toned down filter on your photos. Want to convey bright colours for the summer season? Turn up the contrast to make your images stand out from the rest. Instagram can also disclose a whole new perspective of your business. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes images or a new collection you have just received, sharing these images can really enhance your branding and what you have to offer.

Show Your Personality.

Every business has a story and a personality, and you can use Instagram to show this off. Celebrating holidays in the salon? Share these images with your customers on Instagram to showcase your personality and your hospitality.

It’s Not Just For Product-Based Businesses

Many people assume that Instagram is only for businesses that have products to sell, but just add a little more creativity and it can be just as beneficial for a serviced based business too. Share images of what’s new to your salon, your staff getting creative with their latest nail art designs or what inspires your salon and your staff. You can also use short videos to answer questions or make announcements.

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