Belava began as a company dedicated to the art of a safe pedicure. In 2004, they introduced disposable pedicure liners for client protection and treatment hygiene. Since then, the product line has been continuously evolving to meet the needs of the beauty industry. The range includes no-plumbing pedicure spa chairs and portable pedicure carts as well as manicure tables and spa technician stools to ensure the needs of your salon or spa, whether big or small, are accommodated.

Belava’s goal is to create and make professional tools and equipment capable of maximising your efforts while saving you money, time and valuable space.


  • Simple way to provide uncompromised sanitation standards
  • Effortless clean up between clients saves time
  • Happy clients and professional appearance
  • Fully recyclable liners

The Liners

Fitted disposable liner refills for the Belava pedicure tub. Disposable liners are a simple effective solution for pedicure safety that eliminate the need to disinfect the tub with harsh chemicals. They are recyclable and manufactured in the USA.

The Glitter Bowls

A pedicure tub with brilliant sparkle to enhance every spa décor. Generous in size yet lightweight, the Glitter Pedicure Bowls are perfect for mobile pedicures. Choose from 6 colour options to match your salon's personality.

The Trio Foot Spa

The Trio Foot Spa is designed as an elegant pedicure tool to enhance your services and the look of your salon. It has a massage function with a comfortable heat for your clients’ feet and provides a sanitary soak when used in conjunction with the disposable liners. The Trio Foot Spa brings a professional look and feel to your work environment.

The Pro Foot Heater / Massager Unit

The pro heater/massager unit, when used with the Belava tub and disposable liners, is the most complete, sanitary and mobile pedicure system on the market. Give your clients a truly spa-like experience with three levels of relaxing vibration and three levels of soothing heat which keeps the water warm.

More Than Just Pedicure Solution.

Belava also offers disposable manicure liners alongside a multi-purpose Salon Bowl for manicure soaking, facial masks or hair colour mixing. These “single use” liners guarantee a sanitary environment for a variety of applications.

Salon Furniture

Belava also offers a wide range of customisable salon furniture, including:

Indulgence Chair

Complete with a complimentary nail tech stool, pedicure tub, and 50 fitted disposable liners. The Indulgence requires no plumbing and is a full salon all-in-one, allowing you to expand your services in one setting. Equipped with a hydraulic pump for variable heights, an adjustable foot rest, head rest, reclining cushion and foot heater/massager. The Indulgence chair is perfect for hygienic pedicures as well as other services such as facials, eye lash extensions and waxing.

Embrace Chair

This no plumbing pedi spa chair is ideal for your business if you offer luxurious spa pedicure treatments and are unwilling to yield in your sanitation standards. The Embrace chair has a reclining high back, extra-wide plush padded cushion with built-in heat and vibration, attached manicure table and adjustable footrest.

Element Chair

Our ultra-sleek design and signature no plumbing pedicure spa system provides a sophisticated full service setting for your salon treatments. Laminated “distressed” wood base, reclining ergonomic cushion with built-in heat and vibration, rotating manicure table, adjustable footrest and pedicure bowl tucked away in a pull-out draw.

Impact Chair

Our super comfy take on our Element chair gives your clients something to sink into without compromising any of the features you need and love.


To discuss the customisable options, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team by emailing or calling 0333 000 2100 or speak with your Business Development Manager.