Jillian Woodward 
Artistic Instructor

Derby, Derbyshire / Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


Jill Woodward has been in the industry for seven years and covers East Anglia. Her interest in becoming a nail technician began when she was a guinea pig for a friend doing a course in acrylics. "I became addicted to nails and everything just snowballed after that." Jill’s highlights include attending the World Nail Championships in Austria in 2005 and doing the VIP nails at Hard Rock Calling at Hyde Park in London in June 2011. 

PTTLS Qualified

Achieved Status - Artistic Expert

"I love to see the "light bulb" moment in students and then the look of joy and pride that follows. I also enjoy inspiring students with new ideas and skills. Education is important to learn how to use the products correctly, to get the results you need and also the best out of the product. It keeps you up to date within an industry that is constantly changing too."